Most businesses run online these days and it is essential for such businesses to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for their content as a part of its growth process to keep increasing its customer base. Though creating backlinks and usage of relevant keywords remain the primary foundations; as technology advances, even the search engine optimization process needs advancement and modifications.

Let’s look at a few trends of 2019 that can give businesses an edge over others.

1. Mobile Friendly Websites

It is well known that in the year 2018, Google launched its mobile-first indexing feature. Simply put, it means that Google will use the mobile version of web pages for indexing and ranking as a priority over the desktop versions. Therefore, it is important to develop a highly mobile-optimized website so that Google can index your mobile web pages easily and make it hassle-free with smooth navigation for your audience who prefer their mobiles.

2. High-Quality Content

The Internet is easily accessible around the world. Today, a user is not only looking for a vast range of topics online but is also seeking relevant and quality content. The businesses which make an effort to understand their target audience and their mindset will be able to provide relevant content and hence get themselves a higher ranking in Google searches. More than using ‘popular’ keywords, it is highly recommended to use ‘relevant – user intent based’ keywords to increase the ranking on Google.

3. Explore multiple Platforms

Google is definitely one of the most crucial keys to your SEO requirements. But it is essential to successfully tap the other web favored websites and tools. Amazon is the most favored ecommerce website on the internet.

Many users directly head to Amazon and type their queries directly in Amazon search before looking anywhere else. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to establish your presence on sites like Amazon and other viable platforms besides Google.

4. Voice Search Optimization

It is important to note that the voice search technology is becoming extremely easy to access and use. It is expected to only rise in 2019 and soon enough a major part of the searches done by users would be explicitly voice based. Businesses need to implement voice search SEO services too in order to remain relevant in the upcoming voice search-driven world.

5. Include Video Content

Video content is becoming increasingly popular, even more so with the search engines. Videos give users a better and quicker understanding of the content compared to textual information on websites. Videos are easier to share, like and subscribe. This is one of the reasons why having a presence on video sharing websites like Youtube play an important role. Many a times, users are explicitly looking only for video content and they prefer typing the search keywords directly on Youtube rather than on Google.

6. Social Media Search and Influencer Marketing

Social Media usage and digital marketing have been on the rise for many years. If your content is social media optimized it will help in increasing your product/business ranking across that portal. Influencer marketing is a relatively newer trend. Influencers people with a large following base on various trending websites. Sharing your product and website links with them can prove extremely beneficial if well promoted by them.

Staying updated with the latest SEO trends and implementing them effectively initiates the process of a boost in the ranking and the reach of your content.