Mailer System

MyBizMail EMA is a simple to use, efficient and full-featured email marketing application with an impressive features set.

With MyBizMail not only that you will be able to properly handle email marketing for your own purposes but you can also become an Email Service Provider for your customers, since MyBizMail integrates easily with payment gateways like Paypal and it offers all the needed tools to create pricing plans, promotional codes and to manage orders and transactions created by your customers.

  • You can create smart autoresponders to follow-up with your prospects.MyBizMail is a newsletter system like no other out there.

It’s fast, it’s full of features for which you’d have to pay top money otherwise, it’s active developed, it’s well established, has great support and most of all, it’s very affordable. There are a number of businesses that rely heavily on MyBizMail, so you get a well tested system as well.

After installing MyBizMail, you simply get unlimited everything!

  • You can send an unlimited number of email campaigns (newsletters) to an unlimited number of lists containing an unlimited numbers of subscribers.
    If you handle newsletter for multiple websites, you can treat those as customers and have unlimited too!

  • You can create custom fields for your lists (text/textarea/dropdown/multi dropdown/etc) which you can later use to segment your lists.
    You can create smart autoresponders to follow-up with your prospects.
  • You can use ANY smtp server to send your newsletters, or php’s mail, or sendmail, or directory pickup, or you can use a service like Mandrill, SendGrid, Amazon SES, SparkPost, MailGun, DynEmail, LeaderSend to do so.