Lead Management

MyBiz CRM is complete Customer Relationship Management software, which can be used by the company or organizations of different size and requirements, even by an individual user. It has a simple or uncomplicated design and user friendly interface.

MyBiz CRM can help you in managing your leads and customers in a more professional way and helps you in improving business performance at the same time.

Managing customers is quite essential for any business and MyBiz CRM helps you in several ways:

  • It assigns several members of the staff on task and accordingly monitor the time based on the assigned members.
  • It connects the tasks to several MyBiz CRM features and remains structured.
  • If any member is not associated with the project, it can still add him/her as the task follower. Hence, the member can also track and monitor the task progress without even logging into the project.
  • Make appealing proposals for the leads and for the customers and boost the sales.
  • Trace the number of leads and monitor their improvements. It can automatically import the leads from different platforms, i.e. add notes, emails, and make proposals.
  • You can manage the leads in stages and simultaneously change stages with the feature of drag and drop.
  • With its dominant Project Management attribute, it flawlessly administer and invoice projects
  • It creates professional and just perfect estimates and invoices.
  • The CRM has a dominant support system along with a key feature of automatically importing tickets
  • MyBiz can keep a track of the time taken on a particular on task and also bill the customers.
  • Style the CRM to your company branding with the dominant inbuilt theme styling features to style the CRM for the vibrant branding of your organization.
  • You are able to accept payments by Paypal and Stripe in various currencies.
  • It performs the built-in study or survey for effective customer retention
  • It helps you monitor and remember the sales targets and objective through the Goals Tracking Feature
  • You can also make announcements for the customers as well as the staff members
  • You will be able to lock in the present as well as the future sales with the help of its Contracts feature
  • A grand calendar for every staff member as per staff consent.
  • Vast number of configurable features and options
  • Various other features included, i.e. notes, follow ups, reports, etc.
  • It monitors the expenses of your project/organization and bills the customers and auto switch to the invoice.
  • Useful Know Your Customer feature with great CRM.

A CRM is all about the customers and hence, with its dominant client support system, it helps you in accepting, assessing, and resolving the queries promptly through an assimilated ticket system as well as via customer reminders.

Assign reminders to yourself, one or many staff members and with one click, reminders can be sent to email and in-app notification system. Assign, click, and send reminders to self as well as to the other staff members either on e-mails or via in-app messaging or notification system. MyBiz CRM comprises all features, which have been built to suit vast number of applications. All such features can immensely appeal, impress, benefit, and content the customers.