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Bulk SMS Packages

Bulk SMS Packages

Transactional Packages, Prmotional Packages, Long code Packages, Misscall & Websitedesign Packages.

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Bulk SMS Long Code Website Misscall Total (Including Tax) Order
1 Lac Tras.SMS (Unlimited Validity) Misscall 1 Year Validity 25,000/- (Inc. Tax) Buy Now
1 Lac Promo.SMS (Unlimited Validity) Misscall 1 Year Validity 22,500/- (Inc. Tax) Buy Now
1 Lac Tras.SMS + 1 Lac Promo.SMS 22,900/- (Inc. Tax) Buy Now
50K Tras.SMS + 50K Promo.SMS 16,030/- (Inc. Tax) Buy Now
5000 BULK SMS 3 Months Shared Longcode 5 Pages Static Website 6,870/- (Inc. Tax) Buy Now
1 Lac Tras. BULK SMS 1 Year Shared Longcode 19,465/- (Inc. Tax) Buy Now
1 Lac Promo. BULK SMS 1 Year Shared Longcode 16,603/- (Inc. Tax) Buy Now
Looking for other package? Call us on +91-9312406920 * Prices are subject to change without notice. Pricing and availability may vary.


Important Awareness Notice: Don’t be Fooled by Fake SMS Companies. We found that many new as well as few established companies are selling SMS @ very low cost which is below the industry standard, In this regard we would like to reveal the exact trap behind these companies.

Delivery Cut Off System: If you bought 1 lakh SMS at 5 paisa and when you send 1 lakh SMS they will submit only 50% ( or less ) to the SMSC for delivery and they also update fake delivery reports. In this regard we humbly request you to please stay away from those companies and don’t compare them with us as we are distinctly ahead from them and always committed to provide industry BEST SERVICE & SUPPORT with competitive & lowest possible best price.

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