The beginning of a new year is a time when people want real changes to happen in their lives. They believe this change will offer a fresh start, a new opportunity and rightly so. And it’s true for entrepreneurs as 2019 is giving an opportunity to plan the upcoming year keeping in mind all those lessons you have learnt from your mistakes and failures.

If we talk about marketing and advertising, the mantra will be the same, i.e. digitalization of businesses, but the strategy will vary. Now, marketing is becoming increasingly personal. Generic nurturing campaigns or stocking images or impersonal calls to action to convince customers will not be working anymore. In order to succeed in the online world, businesses have to come up with personalized and high-value marketing strategies at every step.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is must have for any business website in the present market scenario as it will get you more and more traffic over time, and that means more leads and sales. But all your marketing efforts will turn out badly if you neglect essential SEO ranking factors you need to dominate search.

1. A Secured Website (HTTPs): As per Dr. Pete J. Meyers, 30% of websites ranking on Page 1 of Google are all HTTPs. This means they all are secured websites, and security has everything to do with ranking. In other words, HTTPs could not be the deciding factor for page indexing, but it is definitely one of the SEO ranking factors.

2. Optimize Page Speed: Page speed both for desktop and mobile sites have been officially declared as one of the main SEO factors for Google rankings. Websites with slower loading speed might lose out in both visitor and revenue as Google could penalize them.

3. Mobile Friendliness: With the increased use of mobile devices, Google has made mobile friendliness of any website an important factor. Mobile-first index has now become a reality and you have to make sure your content appears identical both on your desktop and on mobile.

4. High Quality Optimized Content: Content is an important SEO element that includes all written text on your site. It is essential to write interesting content that focuses on your audience’s interests, for the moment, increases engagement levels, reinforces your business popularity on search engines and lifts your sales figures. Establishing a good online presence is not just a matter of writing good content. It needs to be optimized so that it can show up on the top Google rankings. You must know all technicals and tactics to drive traffic to your website.

5. Others: User Experience (UX), On-Page Optimization, Backlinks and many more SEO ranking factors will help your business website run progressively.


It can be concluded that all SEO Ranking Factors together create an awesome running website. SEO Marketers need to create a comprehensive and sophisticated SEO approach for better SEO in the coming years. Moreover, quality SEO services will help your website rank high in SERPs.