Do you know what is that can actually make or break your website? OR what is the most important element in any website that can add an individualistic factor to it? It is “Website Design’. Website designing is an element that can express the thought behind your idea. But, as opposed to the common notion, designing is not a technique extracted from creativity only. Instead, it is also composed of trends and logic.

It goes without saying that design is everywhere. From the way we write to the way, we decorate things. Website designing is a way to make business goods or services attractive to your customers. If we talk about website designs, then it would be safe to say that this field is topping all the others. From trends to out of the blue designs, everything is used to make a jaw-dropping business website.

If we go by trend, there are some designs which bank upon geometrical shapes & lines. Apart from this, there are some other designs which are full of colors, illustrations, and bold texts. It all depends on what the users like and where do they have to apply this.

Just to give you a fair idea, we have clubbed together a couple of designs trends which are pretty dominant in 2019. Here are the latest website design trends in 2019 which would help construct your site in a better way.

Serifs Are Back

Yes, you read that right! Serifs are back and they are back because they have clean readability, adaptable, and make the design be noticeable. It makes the interface look very clean and tidy while adding a professional touch to it. That’s why this font is being used majorly during the old times. Recently, Mail Chimp took advantage of this fact and applied serif to their website, giving it a fantastic look.

Free And Natural Shapes

It goes without saying that geometrical shapes like squares, rectangles, circles do provide stability, but 2019 is all about flexibility. Free and natural shapes not only boast spontaneity but also highlight the page elements which seem like a great deal to secure. Mix free shapes with bold colors and you will get a new age website which will appeal to the audience.

Glitch Art

Glitch Art speaks to the crowd of all ages. The rise of technology is above us. We are dependent on it in ways we can’t imagine. And, this is precisely represented by glitch art. The broken-down lines, crinkled films, disoriented shapes will give your site a dystopian look.

Refined Image Treatment

One thing that is advisable for all the website designers is to apply refined image treatment. It holds the power of getting people’s attention to and away from the image. Other than adding drop shadow filters, you can also play with the cutouts of the image. Integrate it with the text, alter the size of the shape, the colors etc.

Mobile Design Integration

Having a Responsive Website Design is must, but having a strong mobile integration along with responsiveness is must. This responsiveness should not be limited to desktop, but having a design responsive websites for mobile apps is going to be the real key to success. Days are gone when users had to zoom in and out repeatedly on mobile phones to check every detail on the website. Now, every internet user wants a responsive design to work on every possible device they have.

As we said, the design is not only about creativity but also about trends and logic. But this doesn’t mean you can’t break away the rules. You need to know the trends first that will be ruling in the coming time.